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Bicruciate ACL/PCL Sparing Total Knee Replacement

The cruciate ligaments are two ligaments inside the knee that provide support during movement. The anterior cruciate ligament crosses the posterior cruciate ligament and is present ahead of it. During advanced arthritis, the cartilage and bone that make up the knee joint undergo deterioration and part or all of these structures have to be removed and replaced with implants. With traditional implant designs, the cruciate ligaments or at least the anterior cruciate ligament needed to be sacrificed to prevent implant loosening. This however affects knee movement and can prevent return to an active lifestyle.

The bicruciate sparing total knee replacement procedure has been developed to improve joint movement yet retain stability. This is made possible by advances in implant design and technology and a better understanding of knee function and anatomy. Both cruciate ligaments are preserved during the procedure ensuring a more natural knee movement, better proprioception and increased stability.

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